Agri-food specialities:

Everyone loves good food, but if you are a connoisseur of traditional recipes, in particular those coming from the north-east, here you will discover many pleasures to please your sophisticated palate.


Sauris is a synonym of ham, processed in local companies. The Wolf ham factory has been active since 1862 and its headquarters are in Sauris di Sotto. It is renowned for the uniqueness of its product, due to the traditional method of smoking that is carried out by burning beech wood gathered in the local woodlands.
Tradition wants that, since the dawn of time, in Carnia many families produce high quality smoked ham and cold cuts.
Don’t let them slip through your fingers!

Craft beer

Zahre beer was founded in 1999 and since then they have produced and marketed high-quality, wholemeal, craft beer that is neither pasteurised nor filtered.
If you are a connoisseur of beer, you will certainly know that water is a fundamental ingredient of this beverage: well, the particular organoleptic elements of water from Sauris give it a unique density as well as other characteristics that you must not absolutely miss. The plant is situated in Sauris di Sopra and it is here that the “Pilsen Chiara”, the “Vienna Rossa”, the “Birra di Canapa” (Hemp beer), the dark “Affumicata” (Smoked) beer and the most recent addition to the beer family “APA”.

The small fruit varieties

The Azienda Agricola Domini agricultural enterprise, situated in Lateis, a district of Sauris, founded in 1990, is specialised in the small fruit and vegetable variety sector; a state-of-the-art business, fully respecting the rules of nature and with the use of natural fertilisation.

Carnia is studded with flourishing, green woodland with fertile undergrowth that in summer turns into a paradise full of bilberries, strawberries, sweet raspberries and succulent blackberries.
With going on a simple stroll along convenient pathways, or by squeezing yourself among the bushes, you will be able to pick them straight from the bush.

Malga cheese varieties

The historic presence of upland pastures and grasslands has enabled the districts to upkeep a top quality dairy production over time.
The Malga Alta Carnia Company with its headquarters in Sauris di Sotto was founded as an ageing, maturing and marketing company of the typical malga cheese that still preserves its production procedures intact.
In fact, the malga products are the result of a series of factors such as: high altitude pastures (1500-1800 m); the clean, crystal clean, uncontaminated environment; the grass full of properties that give milk high quality nutrients; milk is processed without pasteurisation processes, maintaining the enzymatic properties of raw milk intact.
During your summer holiday, you will be able to purchase cheese, fresh and smoked ricotta cheese and butter directly from the malga huts that are situated in the mountain areas surrounding Sauris.

Goat’s cheese

From the passion for mountains and the enchanting nature of Sauris, the unmistakable flavour of Bianco Sauris cheese was created. Since the small-scale own production of goat’s cheese was not sufficient, the Azienda Agricola Bianco Sauris agricultural enterprise passionately processes the milk coming from the nearby farms, enriched with the essences of the high-altitude aromatic plants that have been skilfully and accurately selected.
This is Francesca and Marco’s approach to business and the quality of their products bear witness to this. When you go to their lakeside sales outlets, in the La Maina area, in addition to the cheese, do not forget to ask for their yogurt, their cottage cheese, but above all their Ambradolce: a sweet cream to spread on bread or to sweeten yogurt, a healthy mountain-style snack.

Smoked trout

ZEA, the Smoked Trout of Sauris is the fulfilment of a long-cherished dream: enhancing the value of the Friulian Trout, bred in the spring waters of the lowland area, using the traditional smoking techniques practised in Sauris-Zahre and which have become the Quality brand of many famous specialities produced in this location.
The workshop and the sales outlet are situated by the lakeside, in the La Maina area. Taste it and you will not regret it!