Artisanal handicrafts

If you are looking for items of artisanal craftsmanship, Sauris is your St. Patrick’s Well!

If you appreciate products of artisanal craftsmanship, you will find several kinds of top quality items in Sauris.

Carving and woodworking

As you can imagine, carving and woodworking were the main activities carried out in Sauris throughout the long winter period.

You can still find two craftsmen’s workshops that not only continue this ancient profession even today but live it on a daily basis.

At the Legnostile Artistic Workshop owned by the Plozzer brothers, you can find products that combine the past with the present, making the most of the Sauris tradition to create woodworked products. Unique natural and ecological objects: sculptures, decorated furniture, made-to-measure furnishings, coverings and masks.

Vivere nel Legno owned by the Petris brothers, is a workshop where you are shown how the use of wood has been revisited and adapted to the present day, by means of the skilful work of a handful of young carpenters, who are capable above all of making wooden houses, complying with high eco-sustainable and energy saving standards.

The art of weaving and felting

In Sauris, the women cultivated flax and hemp, while the men carded and spun the textile fibres to create jumpers, berets, jackets etc.

This profession was handed down by Sandra and Adriana Schneider, the owners of the Tessitura di Sauris textile company, keeping an aspect of Sauris culture alive and offering it to you. The artisanal workshop produces carpets, tapestries, textile items to furnish homes as well as clothing. The raw materials used are natural fibres such as wool, cotton, linen, silk and hemp.

Take a look at the items created while still respecting traditions of yesteryear, here you can find the perfect gift!

The S’Louch creative workshop, founded thanks to the creativity of Samantha Lucchini. From her skilful hands a series of objets d’art come to life, blending tradition and modernity, natural beauty, know-how and artisanal experience.

Every item is entirely created and decorated by hand and therefore, for this very reason, making it an original object and the expression of artistic excellence and quality that would be given pride of place in your living room.