The apartments inside the house

Borgo San Lorenzo: the first Albergo Diffuso in Italy

Borgo San Lorenzo is situated in Sauris di SopraIt is the historical centre of the Multi-building Hotel. Sauris consists of threestavoli” in which 12 apartments and the reception were created.

The hotel facilities were inaugurated in July 1994, becoming the first Multi-building Hotel to have opened in Italy.

The idea of the Multi-building Hotel originated in the period following the earthquake in 1976, when the “Progetto Sauris” was elaborated by architect Pietro Gremese: 10 integrated projects that had the objective of giving the town, its inhabitants, the environment and its economy a new lease of life, enabling the recovery of local traditions, culture, artisanal know-how and gastronomical specialities.

Pietro Gremese

Pietro Gremese was not only the creator of the “Progetto Sauris” project, he was also the designer of the renovation of the rustic buildings of which Borgo San Lorenzo consists.

He arrived in Sauris as a tourist in 1965: it was love at first sight. He studied the locations and its people with whom he established a unique emotional bond. This was a relationship that led him to live and perform his business activities as an architect, in the hamlet of Lateis. Then, in the 1980s he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and he continued working as long as the disease allowed him too.

In 1994, he decided to put himself on the line, eager to prove that the idea of the Multi-building Hotel could work, together with his wife Luisa Bellina, he proposed himself as the first manager of the apartments in Borgo San Lorenzo.

Pietro and his wife ran Borgo San Lorenzo until 2004, when due to the deterioration of the disease, they were forced to move to Udine. The management of Borgo San Lorenzo was entrusted until 2007 to Elena Cossutta and her husband Franco. As from 2007 the management of the facilities was entrusted to the Albergo Diffuso Sauris cooperative society.

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