Welcome to Sauris:

Sauris, in the German dialect “Zahre”, is the “highest” country of the Carnia mountain area of ​​Friuli Venezia Giulia, located between 1,000 and 1,400 meters of altitude; a particular feature that for centuries has kept it isolated from other communities, favoring an absolutely original culture still alive and shared today.

You must know that according to the legend, the community of Sauris was founded around 1250 by two German soldiers who, tired of the war, took refuge in this isolated valley. There is a fund of truth, because the first inhabitants came right from the valleys of Carinthia in the Tyrol around the middle of the twelfth century.

Today you will find in Sauris about 400 inhabitants who, interpreting in a modern key some traditional activities or developing forms of tourist accommodation on a human scale, continue to live with an environment that, after centuries, still remains the most precious resource.