Would you like to spend a romantic holiday in Sauris? Come and discover the 7 magical reasons.

1: The ancient hamlet of Sauris

It is not easy to reach Sauris: you need to want to reach it.

You have to travel 13 km of tortuous hairpin bends, many of which transit through fascinating tunnels carved into the rock wall.

When you finally reach the end of the last tunnel, Lake Sauris is right before your very eyes in all its beauty.

Suddenly, the astonishment overrides any fatigue you may be experiencing.

Surprisingly you realise that you are in another world: the magical world of Sauris.

2: The romantic apartments of the Multi-building Hotel

These are apartments created from old buildings, carefully renovated by respecting the traditional typology.  All apartments are different, and each has its own story to tell.

Once they were either “Stavoli” (mountain lodges) or the houses that belonged to priests, sacristans or bricklayers. Others have witnessed the birth of the ancestors of the current owners: ancestors who have made the history of Sauris.

Inside them, you can see the signs left by the passing of the years, some of them are furbished with family-owned furniture.

On the walls you can admire photos that take you back in time, photos that stimulate your curiosity, that invite you to discover the place you have arrived at as guests, yet where you suddenly feel as if you were at home.

3: A hospitable community

Here you feel as if you were locally-born, identifying yourself in the gentle rhythm of the life in the hamlet, you acknowledge and appreciate the traditions, the local culture, the customs and the products created thanks to local know-how. You meet the inhabitants of the area who help you discover secret locations. Here, you (re)discover a more realistic, authentic dimension, here you play the leading role in your personal experience. It is not only your holiday, but a journey. A journey that you will not forget so easily.

4: A special breakfast

A wonderful breakfast is the best way to start the day; savouring it in your apartment, while you are still in your pyjamas, is a luxury that you can afford here.

It is thrilling to discover what is inside the old wicker basket that you find outside the door to the apartment.
It is exciting to guess the ingredients of the home-made cake made by Paola.

It is taken for granted that the recipe of the cake, hoping to succeed in making it at least once at home, you realise at the last moment that you haven’t got a particular ingredient: the magic of Sauris.

5: Products from unique territories

Smoked ham, “malga” and goat’s cheese, smoked trout and craft beer without forgetting the small fruit varieties and the herbal teas.

Each local product is unique for its taste and its wholesomeness but also for its history, for the history of who produces it, for the love and passion with which it is created and proposed by the local chefs.

Here you don’t eat food, you taste it and you won’t be able to forget the experience.

6: SPA only for you

Two hours to be exclusively experienced in a location where tradition meets design: a former hayloft transformed into an elegant Spa.

A place where you can try combinations of essential oils and scrubs created by the Aisa sauna masters.

A place where you can treat yourself to a brunch with local products.

A place where you can rediscover yourself and never lose yourself again.

7: The most beautiful sky in Italy

A sky full of stars, to be counted one by one, a sky that invites you to express your most secret desires: the most beautiful sky in Italy.

We aren’t the ones who says so, but Astronomitaly stated that Sauris is a location with a low percentage of light pollution and, for this very reason, it is one of the best places where to observe the starry sky and the Milky Way.

It is difficult to resist the starry sky of Sauris, it will be difficult not to make a wish.

On the contrary, it will be easy to make one: this is because everything is possible in Sauris.

Sauris is magical and its magic will enchant you.