Do you know those mountain lodges that seem to have come out of children’s fairy tales?
The windows of the wooden cottages are richly decorated with flowers, the colours of which seem to be even more vibrant.

Here you find good taste, order and perfection.

By strolling through the winding streets in the hamlets, you will find beautiful stacks of wood that are real works of art. The vegetable gardens seem to be authentic gardens.
You are at a height of 1,400 metres, here the air is crisp and pure.

The silence amazes you, you can only hear a few birds cheeping and the local children running free and happy in the background.

Welcome to Sauris: The children’s paradise.

Live the Sauris lake with your family

Lake Sauris is an ideal destination for the whole family, to live a unique experience in the open air, in contact with nature and the beautiful turquoise waters of the lake.
On the lake canoes, Canadian and SUP canoes are available for hire, easy to use and unsinkable, ideal for exploring the lake in complete safety with the family, so that it is suitable for both adults and children.

It is also possible to book lake excursions by canoe accompanied by nature guides and canoeing courses with specialized instructors.
Living the lake in the mountains has never been so much fun!