How to get to Sauris



Have you already chosen which means of transportation will bring you up here?

Discover all the useful information for your arrival and our tips for getting to Sauris in a sustainable way.

Sauris is located in the province of Udine, Friuli Venezia Giulia, in the Carnic Alps,
near the border with the Cadore Dolomites.

The municipality is divided into three hamlets: Sauris di Sopra (1,400m), Sauris di Sotto (1,200m)
and Lateis (1,300m), three charming authentic villages that are a few kilometers apart,

connected by roads and paths through the forest.

If you are thinking or have already planned to come to Sauris for your next vacation,
below you will findall the information you need to reach us, to travel comfortably and safely.
Have you already chosen which means of transportation will bring you up here?
Here are our tips and suggestions.

Airplane and train

The nearest airports are Trieste Airport Friuli Venezia Giulia (Ronchi dei Legionari, GO) and Venezia Marco Polo Airport (Tessera, VE). The nearest train station is Carnia (UD).

From both airports and the Udine station you can get to Sauris in a few hours’ travel time, choosing your preferred means of transportation, like a bus.

Local public transportation – travel sustainably

Road maintenance in Sauris is excellent, and even in the winter you will have no trouble getting there.
However, if you are not familiar with mountain roads, don’t have a car, or simply care about environmental sustainability and want to have an experience in line with the principles of slow tourism, we recommend another way to reach us, wich allows you to leave at the valley behind you the stress of driving.
You can use local public transport, organized by the company TPL FVG, and choose to start your journey from Udine, Tolmezzo or Ampezzo. Check  for schedules, connections and routes.

Once you arrive in Sauris, you can happily move among the villages by renting an e-bike from Discovery Sauris, or explore the area on foot.

Car, motorcycle and camper

The main road to Sauris starts from Ampezzo Carnico. You can reach Ampezzo by taking the SS52 from Tolmezzo (UD) if you come from Friuli Venezia Giulia, or you can drive from Passo Mauria, in Cadore, if you come from Veneto.

The road SP73 Del Lumiei starts from the town center, it runs for 13 kilometers of scenic turns and bare rock tunnels, it will take you up to an altitude of 1000 meters, in front of the lake.

From there, you can reach in a few minutes the village of Lateis, taking the first detour to the right. Continuing on the main road you will find La Maina and the villages of Sauris di Sotto and Sauris di Sopra.

During the summer, you can also reach Sauris from the north, descending from Casera Razzo. The highland can be reached from Cadore via the SP619 or from Val Pesarina by taking the SS465.

Small bibliography for slow travelers

Want to know what to expect by choosing public transportation for your trip to Sauris? Read the story of Giovanna Tosetto, tour guide, interpreter and travel designer, who wanted to describe in words and pictures her journey up here.

Curious about slow tourism and environmental sustainability in journeys?

Read Paolo Merlini’s book ‘La felicità viaggia in corriera’ (‘Happiness travels by bus’) by Ediciclo Editore and be inspired by a new way of traveling: with a slower pace and a bit of adventure, discovering a new “emotional geography.”

Want to calculate the carbon footprint of your next trip and become more aware of the environmental impact of your travel?
At  you can calculate the carbon footprint of your trip and find out about offsetting actions to make your vacation even more sustainable.