Herbs and medicinal plants

Sip some herbal tea while you admire the landscape from your home in Sauris!
Along the entire Alpine arc aromatic or officinal herbs were once picked or (grown) in vegetable gardens.
Thanks to their properties, curative ointments and decoctions were prepared. These traditions are still maintained today in Sauris.
Try these unique, amazing products!

Pa Mairlan

From an experience of several generations, the Pa’ Mairlan family in Sauris di Sopra produces zero-mile, entirely natural creams and herbal teas.
Their experience and skills guarantee you total satisfaction!

Natur Preiths

The agricultural enterprise Natur Preiths, situated in Preithspoudn, has recently started its business, where two talented young men, David and Fulvio, grow aromatic herbs that they select with extreme skill and carefully dry: a visit here is a must!