The apartments inside the house

Pa Meisnar

Pa Meisnar is in Sauris di Sopra, a stone’s throw away from the reception.

It is a typical stone construction built at the end of the 1700s.  In 1986, the building had an extra floor added, as an engraving on the massive ridge beam roof construction bears witness.

The first owner

Pa Meisnar in the Sauris language means the “Sacristan’s House”. Costante Petris was the first owner and named the house Pa Meisnar, probably to recall the name of his previous abode, where it was likely that the sacristan of the town lived.

Costante, just as many others at that time, emigrated to America to seek his fortune and never returned to Sauris. The house was purchased by Costantino Petris, a farmer, who lived there with his children until the terrible earthquake struck in 1976, that damaged it so much that it was declared inhabitable.

After the earthquake, the building structure was reinforced, however over the following decades, sadly, the building was left unused.

The discovery of Pa Meisnar

When I saw Pa Meisnar for the very first time, the house resembled a sad, deteriorated building. With my imagination as an architect, I thought of how I could transform it in order to give it a new lease of life. I decided to purchase and renovate it, sharing this commitment with my wife Sandra.

The renovation works

During the works, we paid particular attention to enhancing all its most valuable elements, so as to allow the past life of the building to be brought to light. On the second floor, we decided to keep the original 19th century beams and we have managed to recover a few wooden doors.  Some of the furnishings are family heirlooms, others we have designed and customised.

My wife, a handicrafts enthusiast, has carried out some of the decorations featuring larch branches and pirkka paper. Moreover, in collaboration with her aunt, she has made all the curtains and fabric elements in the house.

The pictures hanging on the walls in the apartments, are photographs I took during my naturalistic excursions and they feature the flowers that the apartments have been named after: GiglioIris and Genziana (Lily, Iris and Gentian).

Recent history

Once the renovation works were finished, in 2007 the three apartments became part of the Multi-building Hotel in Sauris. In the same year, together with another 8 members, I founded the co-operative society that runs the Sauris Multi-building Hotel, of which I was the first President. A role that I played once again until the end of 2015.

The owners: Sandra and Renzo Carniello

We were born in Pordenone, we arrived in Sauris as tourists and we immediately fell in love with this authentic hamlet that radiates history, culture and tradition. Right from the very beginning we have appreciated the human dimension of the hamlet, its authenticity and the cordial, friendly relationship with the local people.

Enchanted by the charm that the town radiates in all seasons and weather conditions, about 20 years ago, we decided to purchase a house in Sauris di Sopra to transform it into our retreat and where, during certain periods of the year, we also carry out our profession as architects.

Our children Vera, Bruno, Irene and Lidia spent most of their childhood in Sauris; here they established sincere friendships and, given that the hamlet is so small, they developed a sense of autonomy that would have been impossible living in the city.

Renzo: I like everything that is natural (flowers, plants, animals, …), and I love to take photos of these things during my walks. I am a history enthusiast, in particular that relating to the Early Medieval period.  I adore music, especially jazz and swing, I play the baritone saxophone in a Big Band.

Sandra: I am an enthusiast of natural cosmetics, I love to make soap, oleolytes and creams. I am lucky to be a cancer survivor and since then I started to do pilates, running and canoeing: activities that I really love doing in Sauris.