Pa Schbaltn

Pa Schbaltn is situated in the historical centre of Sauris di Sotto. It is an old stone building that recalls the classic layout of the manor houses: a large entrance hall and common stairwells, double side bedrooms, without a bathroom but with a wooden outdoor public lavatory (Khinihaisle) on the north wall.

The construction characteristics referring back to that time denote a certain affluence for those who lived here.

The house had a stable (Stol) with a hayloft above (Toblat).  In the spacious courtyard in front of the building there are the vegetable gardens (Gortn) and the manure heap (Mischtosse). The owners also possessed some fields (Stuchn), woodlands (Boltn) and lodges (Hittlan).

The origins of the name

The Pa’ Schbaltn lineage probably derives from the name of an ancestor “at Osvaldo’s”.

The first owner

The construction was built in 1865 by Monsignor Giorgio Plozzer, an influential Archpriest who had close links with the Curia and the archiepiscopal world.

Subsequently, the property was divided so as to host new generations, including some priests. The building was occupied by the cross system, a method of using the building that sometimes cause quarrels and disagreements.

Over time, some descendants decided to move down into the valley to study and to seek a better future.

Recent history

Over the years, the property has been integrated into the adjacent rural building. Halfway through last century it was discovered by farmer Giorgio Plozzer, formerly the mayor of the town (1950-1965) and his wife Maria Sebastiana, the remarkable elementary school teacher originally from Paluzza, who was also the first and only Mayoress of Sauris (1970-1975).

Following the 1976 earthquake, the building was renovated so as to create three apartments that were re-sold and subsequently refurbished by their new owners

The renovation works of the ground floor apartment terminated in 2015. In the same year, the Scheneabais apartment became part of the Sauris Multi-building Hotel.

Just a curiosity

In the Sauris language, Scheneabais means white snow, a definition of Candida, the name of one of the owners. 

Candida, who was born and professionally grew up in Sauris, was one of Sebastiana’s pupils.

On the ground floor of the nearby old “Sthol”, there is business owned by Candida and Claudio, the co-owner of the apartment. Both carry out professions within the construction-real estate sector.

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