Pame Gelmo

Pame Gelmo is an old “stavolo” (mountain lodge) situated in Sauris di Sopra.
It was abandoned in the period following the devastating earthquake in 1976, when many farmers moved to the valley, abandoning many buildings, leaving them unused.

The renovation works

The Municipality of Sauris purchased Pame Gelmo in 1998.  Some years later the renovation works started and which terminated in 2008.

4 apartments have been made from the old hayloft and these bear the name of the mountains that surround Sauris di Sopra: BiveraMorgenleitPalone and Tinisa.

From the characteristic gallery, closed by beams and uprights (pirl in the Sauris language), that were once used to dry hay, it is possible to admire the view of Mount Bivera.
In 2012, from the renovation of the ground floor, a small wellness centre has been created and that can only be used by the guests of the Multi-building Hotel.

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