Pan Frakasch

Pan Frakasch is situated on the outskirts of the hamlet of Lateis, from where it is possible to enjoy the view from above of Lake Sauris.

The history of the lineage

Right from the last decade of the 19th century, Pan Frakasch has hosted my ancestors. The first to deserve the nickname Frakasch, due to his impetuous, loud behaviour was Giacomo Petris. It is told that anything he put his hand to (working, ploughing …) he did as if he intended to destroy everything: in short, a Frakasch!
For almost 170 years, that nickname distinguishes the house in Lateis and its descendants.

Nicolò Petris

A worthy successor of Giacomo Frakasch was one of his four children: Nicolò Petris. Returning home after a period of study in the Seminary, not long afterwards he intended to extend the Frakasch family. He married Emilia Troiero and they had no less than 11 children.
They also lived thanks to the products originating from the woodland, farming and cattle breeding, as did almost everyone at that time in Lateis. Nicolò was also a hunting enthusiast and was an excellent marksman, rarely did he miss his target. So, they went on, albeit with hardship and poverty, also perhaps Nicolò was perhaps too intent on wasting his time reading newspapers.
Many stories were told about Grandfather Nicolò: from the bizarre songs that he whistled while walking through the town streets, to the fact that he managed to escape from a bear. He was definitely a unique character, yet also a fun, sociable gentleman

Tiberio Osvaldo Petris

One of Nicolò’s eleven children was my father: Tiberio Osvaldo who married Caterina Lucchini.  He was a good, just, loving, perhaps a little quieter than his predecessors yet he was still a Frakasch. Tiberio and Caterina had three sons, Roberto, Luigi Nicolò (me) and Giancarlo.
Tiberio started the tradition to give one of the sons in the family the name Nicolò.

Recent history

We were born and brought up in this wooden and stone house with a splendid view of Lake Sauris. The many different colours seen in the various seasons have accompanied us through our daily life. They didn’t understand us at school as we spoke our strange language, a combination of Sauris language and Austrian, that the children and teachers in the city did not know.
Just like all the other children in Lateis we were born with a suitcase in our hand. In fact, as soon as we were old enough, we set off to travel the world to seek our fortune.
I was lucky to find it not so far away: I married Lida Maria Cristofoli from the Borgo Siega di Mediis and we had two children Tamara Regina and Alan Nicolò.
Despite the fact life took us far from Lateis, our Frakasch soul has always been deeply rooted in our mountains and childhood home which we have always taken care of.  In 2015 it was completely renovated, with the aim of preserving it for our children and grandchildren, so as to keep up the Frakasch tradition.

The Lida apartment

The Lida apartment belongs to the Sauris Multi-building Hotel di Sauris and was renovated in 2015 and created from the old hayloft. It has a breath-taking view of the lake and bears my wife’s name: a small yet solid refuge.

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