Choose your season in Sauris.

Four seasons, one more interesting than the other. Countless occasions to enjoy life.

Sauris is a surprise in every season: every occasion is a good opportunity to come and discover unexpected landscapes.

Come and discover the four seasons in Sauris:


Have you ever sensed the fragrance of mountain flowers in the air? Up here you only need to open the windows, or to run alongside the woodland, to enjoy the fragrance of the mountain flowers. Remember to take pictures also of their corollas.


The wonderful experience of every step you take…  Steps that lead you everywhere, because there are countless routes to explore on foot: all different levels of trekking, ranging from very simple itineraries, suitable also for children, to the most demanding. However, if you wish to relax yourself, come down to Lake Lumiei and make the most of the peacefulness of its emerald green waters.


The range of shades of red.  A landscape that turns red is an increasingly enchanting sight to see. It is impossible not to be fascinated by the variety of hues that range between yellow, red and violet. There are an infinity of plant species as well as countless colours. Consequently, everything invites us to experience passion, a romantic getaway, come and discover autumn in Sauris.


The warm sensation of snow.  Breath-taking panoramas and all winter sports are within reach. Downhill, cross-country skiing, ski mountaineering, itineraries for snowshoeing excursions. Then try our Ghesunthaus Spa, perfect to warm you through after a day out in the open air.