The apartment of Sauris di Sopra

You are in Sauris di Sopra, you are immediately enchanted by the traditional dwellings that are accurately renovated and preserved so as to characterise the small ancient hamlet that is hosting you. You will find it at a height of 1,400 metres, on the slopes of Mount Morgenleit: here the air is clean and full of energy.

Paola and Flavia will welcome you at the reception that you will find inside the Borgo di San Lorenzo, after you check in, they will accompany you to your chosen residence.

Throughout the entire holiday, they will be at your complete disposal to give you some suggestions regarding the history, the activities and the typical premises that you can find in the small, authentic hamlet of Sauris.

In Sauris di Sopra you can stay in one of the apartments in Borgo San Lorenzo, the historical centre of the Multi-building Hotel, or in the other traditional buildings: Pa MeisnarPame GelmoPame Calisto and Pame Wulz, that are situated inside the hamlet itself.

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