of Albergo Diffuso Sauris

Toward a new sustainable management

We have always operated in a careful and respectful way with the precious ecosystem in which we are embedded.
But in this day and age and in the face of the challenges of the near future, it is no longer enough: comprehensive sustainable management planning is required to make a difference.

This is why in 2022 we embarked on our journey toward obtaining a Sustainability Certification recognized by International Standards-.


Our commitment to improving the sustainable management of our business comes through the development of a corporate policy and a precise code of ethics that our directors and employees are required to sign and abide by.
The starting point for a shared journey.

We embrace a long-term vision and strategy, which starts from the consolidation of small great actions of love and respect for the territory and its resources and becomes a real plan for sustainable management and development, and which involves not only our reality but also the entire destination and the ecosystem “Sauris”.

Environment, energy, consumption

Love, care and respect for the environment and our planet is the basis of our desire to improve ourselves. Nature gives us the gift of its resources every day; it is up to us and our responsibility to be grateful for them, optimize their use and minimize the negative impact of our activity on the environment.

Sustainable management is about measurements, monitoring and choices: this is our job, but it is only with your help that we can fully realize the goals we have set for ourselves.

Culture and traditions

We support and promote our historical and cultural heritage, our ancient and unique language, the excellence of our territory, our Genius Loci.

Through our BLOG and the activities of tourism promotion and creation of experiential tourism products (carried out together with the other member companies of the Sauris-Zahre Business Network), we enhance the local culture and traditions by inviting the guest to experience a vacation as a “temporary inhabitant” and not only as a tourist.

People and values

The history of Sauris over the past forty years proves it: only through strategic planning is it possible to give support and future to a Community. From the Sauris Project of the 1980s, of which our Albergo Diffuso is one of the happiest outcomes, to the recent proclamation of our municipality as Best Tourism Village by UNWTO, a lot of ground has been covered, and there is still much to be done.


Sustainable management embraces the values of equity, equal opportunity, respect for minorities and the dignity of labor; it promotes the value of continuing education and puts People at the center of everything.
Because providing security and growth for the individual today means enabling the entire Community to thrive over time.

Sauris Zahre Best Tourism Village 2022 by Unwto

In late 2022, the Municipality of Sauris was awarded the prestigious title of Best Tourism Village by the United Nations World Tourism Organization. Among the three main reasons for the prestigious award, UNWTO pointed out the value of our widespread hospitality model, a “naturally sustainable” model.

Through the Network of Enterprises to which we belong, we share sustainability values and goals with other economic, social and cultural realities in our area and are committed to spreading our good practices to help achieve a fully sustainable Destination.