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The Sauris language: an old and fascinating language

The Sauris language: an old and fascinating language The origins of the Sauris language (de zahrar sproche) date far back in the past, around the 1200s. It is fascinating because it comes from an old German dialect, whose origin is lost in time. The Sauris language is still spoken by the town residents, together with […]

The Sauris vegetable garden: the marvel of nature in your plate all year round!

The Sauris vegetable garden: the marvel of nature in your plate all year round! Climate and elevation have always influenced the diet of the Sauris residents. Moreover, due to the distance from big cities, the occasions for them to buy the food they needed were really few. That’s how the Sauris vegetable garden was born, […]

Log cabins and stone houses in Sauris: unique apartments, timeless beauty

Log cabins and traditional stone houses make the Sauris Diffuse Hotel a unique place. A diffuse hotel is a new way of conceiving the vacation environment. Imagine diving into nature, in an entirely different atmosphere from daily routine, where stillness, peace and the sounds of the woods surround a breathtaking panorama. One of the goals […]

The dam and the lake of Lumiei

Between 1941 and 1948 the Sauris valley was the scene of truly grandiose works: the construction of the Lumiei hydroelectric power plant, with the magnificent barrage (dam) in La Maina. At that time, it was the highest dam in Italy and one of the largest in the world measuring 136 metres high. Due to the lack [...]

What to visit in Sauris

Sauris di Sopra If you wish to know everything about the history and traditions in Sauris, visit the Ethnographic Centre in Sauris di Sopra where there is a rural building dating back to the 19th century, a typical example of an Alpine architectural structure made of wood and stone. Here you will find Lucia who will tell [...]

What to eat in Sauris

Are you ready to discover the exquisite agri-food proposals of the highest hamlet in the region? In Sauris, we are sure that you will find several alternatives to tickle your taste buds. Sauris di Sotto Along the characteristic cobbled streets, in the historic centre you will find the Morgenleit restaurant, it has a wide-ranging menu and it [...]

Albergo Diffuso Sauris Experience

The Albergo Diffuso Sauris Experience project has obtained funding amounting to 35,000 Euro from the Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia relating to the tender entitled POR FESR 2014-2020, Action 2.1.b.2 “Subsidies granted to fund customised programmes relating to the acceleration and establishment of enterprises, aimed at the entrepreneurial development of projects of cultural value, aimed at cultural, [...]