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I belong to one of the “historical” families of Sauris.
I have always worked in the tourism sector: first I worked for a property rental company and then, after the Sauris Multi-building Hotel co-operative was founded, I have worked as a receptionist and co-ordinator of the other employees.

I firmly believe in the territorial development project called “Progetto Sauris” and in the concept of the Multi-building Hotel.
I really care for my town, I love getting the guests involved, those who wish to discover this magical location, by telling them about its history, traditions as well as the habits of the inhabitants of Sauris.

In the past I organised “traditional Sauris cuisine cookery courses”, held at my home, that were extremely popular with the guests, because they were carried out in a traditional, authentic environment. The experience is enthusiastically told in the book entitled “Cucinare a Sauris” (Cooking in Sauris) published in 2008.

I am an enthusiast of shabby chic and I love giving a new lease of life to old objects or furniture.
I adore animals, in particular my two dogs: Scott and Charlie, my constant companions.


I have always lived in Sauris.
I have been one of the receptionists of the Sauris Multi-building Hotel since 2009.

I am a member of the Sauris local cultural society, for which I organise meetings and courses aimed at enhancing the value of ancient traditional activities (weaving, embroidery, …).
I was a “Sauris language” teacher at the elementary school in Sauris.

I am an enthusiast of photography and videos, I know how to “capture the moment” on film to immortalise landscapes and situations, to be posted on the Sauris Multi-building Hotel social network pages.

I am energetic and cheerful, I love being in contact with people.
In my free time I love to walk and spend time outdoors with my friends.

Over recent years, during the courses organised by local sculptor Hermann Plozzer, I have discovered a passion for wood carving.

Where did the idea for the Multi-building Hotel come from?

The idea of the Multi-building Hotel, originated in 1978 in Comeglians, during an experience of teamwork co-ordinated by the poet Leonardo Zannier and in collaboration with students from the Polytechnic of Zurich.

The “Progetto Sauris” project

The architect Pietro Gremese from Udine also took part in this teamwork experience. At that time, he was working on a Municipal Development Plan for the Municipal Administration of Sauris: the so-called Progetto Sauris.

The project aimed at triggering those processes of social and economic development that could recover the local historical buildings and the maintenance of the existing community, also through the development of the Multi-building Hotel concept.

Borgo di San Lorenzo

Using funds from a special regional law, in 1994, the so-called “Borgo di San Lorenzo” was inaugurated that is classified as the first Multi-building Hotel in Italy.

Thanks to community funding, also private individuals have been able to renovate certain buildings, creating even more bed space, upon completion of the phase that was started in previous years.

Since the concept of the “Multi-building Hotel” foresees a close relationship and the involvement of the guest with the local territory and its people, its customs and traditions, this integrated project was called Haus hörbige, that in the Sauris language means “hospitable home”.

Come and discover who is “behind the scenes”


The Albergo Diffuso Sauris cooperative society was founded in January 2007, with the aim of pursuing the previous tourist accommodation experience that took place in 1994, to run a few dozen apartments in Sauris (the so-called “Borgo di San Lorenzo”), that constituted the first Multi-building Hotel in Italy.
The owners of the apartments who had benefitted from the Community funding thanks to which they had carried out renovation work on the apartments gave life to the cooperative society. The Municipality of Sauris that has always believed in the development of the Multi-building Hotel concept, also belongs to this society.


The company is part of the Sauris-Zahre company network that was founded in June 2017. The strength of the Network originates from its cross-sectional representativeness of production activities that characterise and distinguish Sauris-Zahre. Agri-food products, hospitality, craftsmanship and services are combined to create a common overview to identify experiential pathways to offer those who decide to come and visit us in Sauris-Zahre.
Unusual experiences that enable you to discover the history, culture and authenticity of a unique, extraordinary territory. Experiences that you can have with the people who are part of the Network, who will reveal the work, the passion and the enthusiasm of living and working in Sauris Zahre.

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