Who we are

Discover Albergo Diffuso Sauris

What is a Albergo Diffuso multi-building hotel?

An Albergo Diffuso Multi-Building Hotel is an alternative model of accommodation that allows guests to experience a stay in close contact with the local community, its customs and traditions, while being guaranteed the services of an excellent traditional hotel.

The Albergo Diffuso Multi-Building Hotel accommodation units are located either in houses or other historic buildings located in villages and towns which have been converted as part of a wider re-development programme to combat de-population in mountain areas.
This original and sustainable way of travelling that was developed right here in Carnia and then was initiated in other parts of Italy and Europe, is perfect for those who wish to discover and experience a destination in a truly authentic way.


The houses that host our accommodation units are located in the hamlets of Sauris di Sopra, Sauris di Sotto, La Maina and Lateis.
Choose the most suitable hamlet according to your needs and preferences:
La Maina, if you wish to sleep right in front of the lake and enjoy its enchanting colours.
Lateis, if you are seeking greater tranquillity and privacy.
Sauris di Sotto, if you prefer comfort and having the main services close by.
Sauris di Sopra, if you wish to completely immerse yourself in the charm of an ancient village located high up in the mountains.

Corporate philosophy

We are deeply attached to our history, yet, at the same time, we look to the future with enthusiasm and confidence.
We are very proud of our identity, however we also know that we cannot do everything on our own, which is why we have always encouraged synergy between all the other local operators.
We embrace the values of environmental and social sustainability, while also respecting and enhancing the most authentic dimensions of our culture alongside the peculiarities of the Sauris territory.
We promote a working environment in which everyone feels encouraged to express themselves and realise their potential, with an increasing focus on establishing a work-life balance and lifelong learning.

The services we manage

Not only is our accommodation spread throughout Sauris, but also all the services we have designed to make your holiday even more complete and exciting.
In Sauris di Sopra, within the context of Borgo San Lorenzo, the historical core of our hotel, you can find the Reception, the heart of our business, as well as the Ghesunthaus SPA, an elegant private SPA for the exclusive use of our guests.
Descending from Sauris di Sopra towards the valley, in Borgo dello Sport e del Benessere (the Wellness and Sports Village), you will find the Grien SPA, the municipal wellness centre, which we have been running since 2019, open to both our guests and external guests, together with the Treinke campsite, where we welcome all those who seek a holiday in closer contact with nature.
Finally, Sailing Sauris, our canoe, Stand-Up Paddle board and pedalo rental service located on the lake, awaits you in La Maina for an exciting lakeside experience.
Hospitality, services, activities, well-being… many different ways that will enable you to appreciate Sauris and make you feel at home.

The houses of the Albergo Diffuso multi-building hotel

Our thirty-two comfortable accommodation units are located in twelve historical houses, which have been skilfully renovated in keeping with their typical architecture.
In many cases, they are former ‘stavoli’, traditional rural buildings located in the Carnic mountains, used in the past as shelters for grazing cattle or for storing hay during the winter.
Each of the houses has its own name, in the Sauris language, suggesting the name or nickname of the first owner, his job, or the location of the building itself.
Discover anecdotes and curiosities about the history of the houses taken from the stories provided by their current owners.

The staff

Paola, Flavia, Domenica, Giovanna, Clara, Alessandro, Yasmine, Giulia, Michela, Nicla, Ambra.
Some of us have always been here, others have joined us at a later date.
For everyone, the Albergo Diffuso Sauris multi-building hotel is much more than just a workplace.
We have created a heterogeneous, close-knit team, united by a common goal: to convey to our guests the idea of a true Hospitable Community, creating for each and every single one of them a truly unforgettable experience, 365 days a year.

Rikè, our new virtual assistant

A few weeks ago, Riké joined our team.
Do you know this character? Riké is the ‘beautiful characters‘ of our famous carnival (der Zahar Voschank), which has always been a symbol of re-birth, spring, celebration and, of course, welcoming.
Riké will guide you through all the services provided by our hotel, its history, traditions and the Sauris language, it will keep you company telling you rhymes and anecdotes and will be at your disposal 24 hours a day, allowing you to go and rest after a long day’s work, with the peace of mind of knowing that everything is in order, that you are in good hands.

Find out who’s behind the scenes

The Società Cooperativa

The Società Cooperativa Albergo Diffuso Sauris (The Albergo Diffuso Sauris Multi-Building Hotel Co-operative Society)
The Società Cooperativa Albergo Diffuso Sauris was founded in January 2007, with the intention of continuing the previous tourist accommodation experience, which began in 1994 with the accommodation units located in Borgo San Lorenzo.
The co-operative society was set up by the owners of the apartments, which had been renovated thanks to EU funding. The Municipality of Sauris, which has always firmly believed in the development of the idea of the Albergo Diffuso multi-building hotel, is also part of the company.

Business network

The company is part of the Sauris-Zahre Business Network, established in June 2017. The strength of the network lies in its transversal representation of the productive activities that characterise and distinguish the Sauris area.
Agri-food products, hospitality, craftsmanship and services come together in a common vision to identify experiential paths of excellence, to be offered to both guests and visitors.
These are unusual experiences that enable you to discover the history, culture and above all the authenticity of a unique, extraordinary territory and its inhabitants.