What to visit in Sauris

Sauris di Sopra

If you wish to know everything about the history and traditions in Sauris, visit the Ethnographic Centre in Sauris di Sopra where there is a rural building dating back to the 19th century, a typical example of an Alpine architectural structure made of wood and stone.



Here you will find Lucia who will tell you all the secrets of the history of Sauris and she will definitely guide you through the discovery of work tools and handiworks coming from local families, that document the cultural characteristics of Sauris-Zahre. Here you can also visit thematic temporary exhibitions, associated with the tradition, history and language of the local territory.



Just before arriving in the town, stop to visit the church dedicated to St. Lawrence, dating back to 1328. This still hosts some original Gothic-style elements. Inside you can admire a valuable wooden panel altar featuring the Last Supper by Michael Parth from Bruneck (1551).

Sauris di Sotto

In Sauris di Sotto, visit the church dedicated to St. Oswald that dates back to the 14th century and it has renovated elements dating back to subsequent centuries. Inside the church, there is a wooden panel altar (Flügelaltar) of particular interest by Nicolò from Bruneck in 1524.


In St. Oswald’s Museum, hosted in the presbytery in Sauris di Sotto, with the assistance of the librarian Noemi you can discover further secrets relating to the history of the community, more specifically through the events associated with the cult of St. Oswald and the sanctuary bearing the same name.


Just before the hamlet of Lateis, you will find the small church dedicated to St. Valentine; the view of Lake Sauris from here is a must-see.